Media forum

Goals and Objectives


The main goal of the Organization is to support the development and popularization of Ukrainian media and culture (TV documentaries, radio, cinema, Internet resources, printed media, etc.), as well as the implementation of educational, cultural, informational and other creative activities aimed at integrating Ukraine in the European and Euro-Atlantic environment, popularization and educational activities on European and world public values, promotion of gender, racial and national equality, development of mass media of territorial communities.
To achieve the main goal, the SO “DEVELOPMENT CENTER “MEDIAFORUM” uses the following of activity:
➤ Providing to the media managers with new knowledge through innovative educational technologies;
➤ Introduction of the advanced educational and information technologies and scientific and technical inventions into the activities of all forms of media (Internet platforms, webinars, streaming, work with UAVs, social networks, blogging, etc.);
➤ Support of the development and popularization of Ukrainian media (printed, electronic, TV and radio broadcast and culture (cinema, theater, musical and visual arts);
➤Carrying out information campaigns aimed at the development of Ukraine as a state with firm law basis;
➤ Support the development of democratic institutions and the formation of civil society, gender, racial and national equality, the development of independent local media as integral parts of territorial communities;
organization of thematic educational, informational, creative and educational activities, including the production of film, video and audiovisual products to perform the above tasks;
➤ Support for local and foreign art initiatives aimed at popularizing Ukraine through the media (development of educational, creative, information and tourism activities).


Participation in the development of the Ukrainian State as a member of a large family of European nations, the formation of a social society, the education of social values aimed at respect for human dignity, respect for human rights and freedoms, racial, gender and national equality.